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  • Though she d never been in one, she knew the little wooden building the size of a closet was an outhouse.
  • Would another 310 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story mortal male be able to love her as much as he professed to her?
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  • Brains won over brawn any day of the week, and regardless of the time period, people liked to hear how great they were. He did come from a highly respected lineage that were known for their strength, intelligence and loyalty.
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    I don t know why I always end up picking such losers.

  • She pulled it in through the window .vines! her sprits picked up again.

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  • The aristocracy has not invested in these developments, at least not here, or in other rural counties.
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  • After all, Lucas was the most powerful eligible bachelor in the Association.
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    She was drunk, and it influenced her confidence of thinking she was desirable enough for me to want her. Deceit wasn t in her soul, neither was an understanding of it.
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  • Linda ignored her and continued but I m not going to, because I want her to have some fun. She clung to his neck as though she was afraid to turn loose of him.
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  • Besides, if I don t use these strong arms for something useful, then what good are they? They are talking about how the friends you had here earlier Mmm, I didn t know you had visitors.

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  • She must ve been one of those women who would get stung once and hate men for the rest of her short life.

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